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Karun, Kus Ma, Shappaman, T MC

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Sub Sahara



Camp Mulla

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Camp Mulla has always pushed the limits in the search of making history in the music industry. Camp Mulla is a Kenyan Rap Group founded by rappers Taio Tripper, Young Kass, Super-Producer K'Cous, Miss Karun and their syndicate C.E.O, Tonii. 

According to Camp Mulla, "the only way to start the take over was to use our personal relationships and talent to make a name for ourselves which we genuinely didn't have". Camp Mulla not only caught the attention of the streets, but also the eyes of major artists they didn't work with at that point in their career. They noticed Camp Mulla's hard work and dedication and that established new working relationships.

The same way consumers would discover exclusives on Camp Mulla music, they would now see new music videos and downloadable mobile ringtones in the near future.


Camp Mulla is Unsigned but is an imprint of Sub-Saharan Records and is distributed by the same record label.


  • Karun (born Karungari Mungai; formerly Miss Karun) – Lead vocalist, songwriter
  • Kus Ma (born Marcus Kibukosya; formerly K'Cous) – Record producer, songwriter, rapper
  • Shappaman (born Benoît Kanema; formerly Young Ka$$) – Record producer, rapper, songwriter
  • Thee MC Africa (born Matthew Wakhungu; formerly Taio Tripper) – Rapper, vocalist, lyricist
  • Mykie Toni (born Michael Mutooni) – Manager



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    Funky Town

    Released in 2012

    Produced by Sub Sahara



  • Bio By Afrobios


  • 2010
    Title Album
    Party Don't Stop Funky Town
  • 2011
    Title Album
    Feel No Pain Funky Town
  • 2012
    Title Album
    Fresh All Day Funky Town