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Loner Lewis

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Loner Lewis, an up-and-coming American hip hop artist creating a sound that is regarded as a “breath of fresh air” for the hip hop enthusiast passionate about musical production today, this week officially released his latest single, Breathe, from his first artist’s album: Midnight Loner. Now available for listening on major music distribution platforms and blogs, Loner is ready to be the summer soundtrack for listeners countrywide.


Borne from a passion for producing, writing, and performing hip hop music that is a deviation from the norm today, Loner, together with his producer, Loner Feaux, has created a hip hop entity, LonerEra, that’s being mentioned on radio channels across the country.


“I’m passionate about mixing things up and providing listeners with a different kind of sound than they expect today,” said Loner. “That, coupled with my undoubted passion for musical cultivation, is what drove me to pen and complete my latest single, Breathe.”


Breathe looks at relatable human emotions of needing to slow down, reflect, and take a deep breath despite how difficult or challenging a situation may seem. The natural reliability of the lyrics has already garnered the single an impressive amount of listens after its first few debut days.


Available on Loner’s first full-length album, Midnight Loner, the track is listed as #5 among the likes of Never Again, Midnight, Cruise Control, Fast or Slow, Reflections, and more. It is a 12-track album in total.


“I am incredibly excited for listener’s feedback after sitting down and experiencing my latest single,” said Loner. “Spread the word on its availability, as well as the availability of my first album, and head on over to my website today to follow my musical performances on social media.”


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