Real Name:
Brenda Nokuzola Fassie

Music Genre:

Record Label:
CCP Records

Date of birth:
03-11-1964 to 05-09-2004




Brenda Fassie

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Brenda Fassie was one of South Africa's most popular vocalists, mixing African vocals with a slick international pop sound.

When Brenda Fassie was four, she started a singing group. At 14, she had moved from her hometown to Johannesburg to seek her musical fortune. She was an instant hit and quickly went on to join to other hot groups of the era: Blondie and Papa, and the Big Dudes.

She then recorded her first single, "Weekend Special," which soon became a hit in her homeland as well as in the U.K. Success proved to be a strain for Fassie, who was free with her money and liberal in her drug consumption. In 1986, she made a public admission that she was a drug addict.

In 1994, she released "Abantu Bayakhuluma," soon followed by an album titled, "Now is the Time," which featured a duet with the reknowned maestro Papa Wemba.Although aspects of Fassie's personal life continued to appear in the news, she reclaimed her status as a South African Kwaito diva with the release of "Nomaknajani," a platinum album.

Then things started to unravel for Fassie. She was involved in several highly publicized affairs with both men and women and had also begun a costly and destructive cocaine addiction. It also didn't help matters that she became notorious for missing concert dates.

The base of her excess came in 1995 when Fassie was found in a drugged haze next to the dead body of her girlfriend. The horror of the event was enough to shock her out of her spiraling decline. Her next album, Memeza, was released in 1998 and was the most focused and accomplished album she had released in nearly a decade. Memeza went on to become the best-selling album of the year in South Africa. The album's success cemented Fassie's role as a superstar of Afro-pop. Her success continued with subsequent albums and, for a time, nothing seemed impossible for the township hero.

In May of 2004, Fassie suffered a sever asthma attack that triggered cardiac arrest forcing her to be hospitalized. The physical breakdown was severe and Fassie's condition deteriorated quickly.

On May 9, 2004, Brenda Fassie passed away.


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    The Brenda Fassie Story

    Released in 1990

    Produced by SBK Records

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    Released in 1997

    Produced by Celluloid


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    Umuntu Uyashintsa

    Released in 1995

    Produced by CCP Music


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    Released in 1998

    Produced by CCP Music

  • image

    Released in 1999

    Produced by CCP Music

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    Released in 2000

    Produced by CCP Music

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    Mi Nawe

    Released in 2002

    Produced by CCP Music

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    Released in 2003

    Produced by EMI/CCP World

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    Released in 2004

    Produced by CCP World

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    Angiphum'endlini (Ma Brrr)

    Released in 2006

    Produced by CCP Music




  • 1998
    Title Album
    Vuli Ndlela Memeza
  • 2000
    Title Album
    Thola Amadlozi Amadlozi
  • 2000
    Title Album
    Nakupenda Amadlozi
  • 1999
    Title Album
    Nomakanjani Nomakanjani